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Father Ménard

Father Eusebe Menard

Father Eusebe Henri Menard was ordained a priest in 1941. He made his mark both by his eloquence and in the special way he brought the Gospel to life in his work to expand by the size and reach of the preisthood and support its mission to improve the lives of the under-priviledged.


Hogar San Pedro

The Hogar San Pedro, a care and convalescent center in Peru, welcomes people of all ages in need. Its outpatient clinic, pharmacy and a community bazaar provide considerable assistance to the surrounding population.



The Mukoko Health and Maternity Center in the Democratic Republic of Congo, serves a population of about 2 000 people and offers medical consultations and assistance following pregnancy, childbirth and surgery.


The Comedor

The Comedor San Martín de Porres is a community kitchen whose priority is serving balanced lunches to nearly 100 children every day.

Formation of spiritual leaders

Training of spiritual leaders

The religious and lay spiritual leaders trained by the MSA, are found on three continents : America, Africa and Asia. They have, as their light, a pastoral and humanitarian mission to help the poor.



CIMA Home in Peru, is a rehabilitation center that welcomes boys 8-17 years living on the streets, abandoned by their families or struggling with substance abuse problems. Here these young people find a path to rehabilitation, studies and learn a trade for a productive new life.

Volunteer Program

Every year, many people go to Hogar San Pedro clinic and convalescent center for a volunteer stay. They offer their help and best smiles for staff and patients.

Together we are changing lives

In this Mission-Action Summer 2017 edition, you will read how our different projects change the lives of so many people by bringing them renewed hope. Thanks to your donations, we are able to provide them with the spiritual and material support they need to make a fresh start.

At the Mukoko Youth Education Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we help students to stay in school and get the educational foundation they need to get better jobs. In addition, with the program Vas-Y Fille!  /  Go Girl!, we are helping 405 girls, 90 of them from high school, with small scholarships to obtain the uniforms and supplies they need to continue their educational journey.

You will also read about Fëbë-Village, Cameroon, where critical pastoral care for families in difficulty continues, with your help, as it has for years. Father Léon-Pascal Nko, M.S.A., tells us how the probanists of the Novitiate Saint-Kisito meet regularly with families establishing trusted links to better understand their needs and respond effectively. This pastoral work's core mission is to help people regain their zest for life, by improving their current situation and instilling hope for the future

The Foundation team thanks you as always for your support and wishes you a wonderful summer. Every life we change together touches a thousand others for the better.

We hope you enjoy reading our last issue!

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